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My name is Sam and I'm a dumb 20 year old artist person that draws dumb computer people and Amnesia junk. I like MS-DOS, videogames, and space a lot. Mostly DOS, though. Like holy shit.

My blog mostly consists of art from videogames and original stuff (mostly my own), technology, and pretty pictures of space. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


I went to ‪Ōkunoshima‬ ‘Rabbit Island’ in Japan today - story goes that the rabbits were brought here as test subjects during WWII and released when the war ended. With no predators (cats/dogs/hunting are all banned) the island is totally overpopulated with rabbits. They are also super friendly, they chase you, beg, and climb all over you!


So my dad is a Verizon technician, but he also does astrophotography for fun and I think its really fucking cool that my dad, an average guy with a lame job took these pictures in our backyard.

I’m fucking done with all of you people.




The Webbys have spoken…

and we’ll spare you the emoticons for how we’re feeling after getting nominated for two awards, including Best Business Blog on the Web.
This is an honor that we share with all of you for taking to us early on. (We’re just over a year old). It’s your reblogs and likes that keep us keeping on. And If you’re in the mood to hit a couple more buttons for IBMblr, consider voting for us in the People’s Voice Award. You can cast your ballots for IBMblr here and here. Thanks and thanks.
wait wat

If you’re asking about NES, my friend has a character for him and I had a dream I married him. So she drew this super hot picture of him and he’s shirtless and he’s like “Hey Sam you own this ass” and it made me really uncomfortable in a hilarious way when she showed it to me.

I deleted half my blog and in the process I found that picture my bro drew me of NES shirtless after I told her I married him.

I’m uncomfortable all over again.


Crinoid closed by Alexander Semenov on Flickr.

I love when nature doesn’t even look real. This is an animal. I mean, damn.